XFI Special!!


Hartline Performance
Since the other board is down, I thought I would post our special over here, too.

Buick XFI Plug N Play Complete Kits!
$1699 w/No Internal Logger
$1849 w/Internal Logger

FREE Shipping in U.S.
These Specials are Only Good until 12-12-08.
So call now if you want in on these deals!! 321-722-1563
We are also offering Specials on the AMS1000 Boost Controller this week only. Call for pricing.
Holly Hartline
Hartline Performance

Otto J

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That is a SMOKIN deal and you get Cal's expertise at that price!!!!!!
You can't buy and no one else can offer the type of support
you will get anywhere in the WORLD never mind this country!!!!

His expert tuning speaks for itself
Don Cruz
Tony Gomes
Dave Fiscus
Jason White
Dick Kereney
Gary Harmon
Willard Brown
These cars are the baddest of the bad in their classes and all tuned by Cal Hartline,what more is there to say!
I am also available for all of Cal's customers when his may not be.


Hartline Performance
THANK YOU! Cal&Holly by far the best people to do business with BARNONE!Thanks again Jon.
It was a pleasure doing business with you. We look forward to helping you get your car running Great!
Thank you again for your business!
~Holly Hartline


Hartline Performance
Also only 2 days left to take advantage of this price!
Otto is Correct.....time is running out on this Special. You only have tomorrow & Friday to get in on this deal, so give us a call @ 321-722-1563 to get your order in on time!

~ Holly Hartline