Torque Converters


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What does it sound like when you converter is on it's way out? My car is making noise at higher rpm levels in 1 and 2, and when you pull from park into reverse, it makes a kind of grinding noise, which slows down and then drops into gear?

FYI - I had it rebuilt 2 years ago, with a shift kit, upgraded servo or something, and they supposedly sent the converter out, and had the stall increased, but it doesn't seem any higher now, and the shifts don't seem all that tight any more?

Thanks, Tyler.


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Mine dose the same thing. I had it on the dyno and the shop called and told me that I was losing 2000 rpm from the motor to the rear wheels so Im looking for new converter my self. But mine grinds when it put it in reverse as well.


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im not a trans expert but when mine grinded it was the planatery gears an some ring with bearing all around it cant remember the name ..... let a local pro rebuilt it it lasted 100 miles first time and 200 miles second time .... then i let a guy in his backyard build it an it lasted abt 4 yrs flawlessly into the 10's

then finally broke a hard part on the hwy when i let out of it during a high boost test in mexico lol