Maybe the New 2015 GN/GNX's


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Lots of speculation going on right now. I've heard stories of the new TB having a 4 banger. A 6, or 8. Two doors. Four doors. Every color in the rainbow. I just hope they do something worthy of being called a Grand National, GNX, T-type. I might be able to live with it being a four door, but FWD would be a slap in the face to a great nameplate.

We'll see.


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I await GM's finial verdict...other wize i might just go electric an add solar panels to my roof,No More Fueling Whoa's or cost, In Venezuela, gas is 2 cents a Gallon.....


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Waking this one up - while i'm loitering...I assure you that there is nothing in development from Buick (3/19) They have dropped all car lines except the regal in favor of the SUV's.


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