Dragon Boat Festival


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"World of Warcraft" the new wallpaper in June: Dragon Boat Festival & Flame Festival China's "World of Warcraft" birthday in June, the world's children's festival in June this year, what’s more, China's traditional festivals: the Dragon Boat Festival is June, in addition, the "World of Warcraft" game of the festival: the mid-summer festival flame Will also come one after another. To meet such a variety of June, "World of Warcraft" operation team this month to update the two new calendar wallpaper, specially on the Dragon Boat Festival and the Festival flame as the theme,we hope that all of you like it. The upcoming mid-summer, Yizelasi around the world will ignite a huge bonfire stack, people are singing and dancing toghter to celebrate the hottest season of the year, to enjoy the natural gift - this is the "wow gold," the flame of mid-summer. Hope that these beautiful wallpaper and the forthcoming opening of the games to accompany you to tide over this colorful bright June.Those two new and beautiful wallpapers in june: Dragon Boat Festival and Flame Festival are enriching the WOW life.