Do not buy or sell with Jason Delozier aka gn4u2c


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Finally got a matter cleaned up with this guy only took me a month to do so. I would call his house and ask for status on my items and he would do something but he would never return my PM's, e-mails, or phone calls. Other then one PM once he knew it was going down hill fast. :tantrum2: The turbo Buick community is a small community no matter how you look at it and I always try to be honest and fair when I buy or sell on these boards. Just makes me mad when you count on something as yours and it turns out it never was! If the guy would have been totally honest with me I might have not posted this all over but oh well.. Here is the original post..


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Unfortunately nobody here is going to help. (I mean Can help) you need to get a hold of Shane or Jay Carter. I have watched that cat screw people forever, unfortunately the new guys get caught.