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  1. Mike Licht

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    What is new at Full Throttle:
    REAL Art Carr Torque Converters from Califorina
    Pat's Converters
    G-Body Parts Tubular front control arms
    G-Body parts stock location and frount mount intercoolers
    Revolution XR4 220/224 Hyd Roller cam for stroker motors, specs on web site
    Our Power Logger scan tool is shipping.
    Watch the web site or here for MANY more new items soon

    What's Coming:
    4" MAF pipe with MAF sensor built right into the pipe and cold air kit to go in frount of the core support. This will be fully suported by the Translators and a setting for this sensor will be added in updates to the pro and gen 2 which will be available for download. Chips will be available for the regular Translator. I will post some pictures soon. Very Trick and priced right

    If you were at Indy you may have seen Bob's car with the LS1 coils on the valve covers. We should have the LS1 coil conversion kit on display at the Nats in bowling green. It will plug into the stock harness and come with brackets to just bolt on the colis to the valve covers. adjustable 2 step, and rev limiter included. Easy conversion back to stock if needed and the most up to date technology out there in ignition.

    I have a few more exciting new items in devolpment that we will announce and show soon. We expect 2007 to be great for new Turbo Buick parts.

    Mike Licht
    Full Throttle Speed
  2. V6RACER

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    Awesome, now work on the TSM rules to allow the LS1 coils..lol
  3. KevinB

    KevinB Registered User

    Mike, any updates on using a dist on the MAFT Pro yet?


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