TTA Dicast coming out soon..

Discussion in 'Turbo Trans Am Technical Forum' started by phillyturbosix, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. phillyturbosix

    phillyturbosix Tech Advisor Staff Member

    GMC-YA pointed these out.. A new Dicast TTA on the horizon. I just pre-ordered a few of these ...

    And here is another Looks like the same car just a different company selling them. The one from Diecastmuscle said he was'nt sure on the real date for it to come out as they are just a middle man when it comes to these Dicast cars. Would be nice to see one come out! Almost looks like it's a notchback in the pics tho! :shock: Time will tell but we need one!! :rockwoot:
  2. FlyinGN

    FlyinGN Registered User

    Jim thats the same model and same company. Die cast muscle is just distributing the cars from the greenlight colectables co.
  3. phillyturbosix

    phillyturbosix Tech Advisor Staff Member

    Man I wish this thing would come out sooner! I can't wait to get the pile of them I have on order :bigok:
  4. SlowTTA

    SlowTTA Registered User

    I ordered four more about a month ago. I see that they are only running about 3500 copies.
  5. SGRIM

    SGRIM <b>Admin<b> Staff Member


    Can you put one up for me?:bigok:

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