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Discussion in 'TFS-Turbo Factory Stock' started by Mike Licht, Aug 16, 2005.

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    OK guys Nick asked me to get involved with the TFS Rules and we really want to put together a package that will get us to some specific goals:
    The cars should run about 11.50 or so. This keeps safety rules (like roll bars which will be enforced to the letter) easier to swallow for guys who want to play and lets a large number of guys in. We are looking for car counts in the 20's or better
    We will have a turbo restriction most likely a 61MM compressor
    3" downpipes will be allowed since stockers are hard to get if you don't have one
    After market air cleaners OK
    109 block, NO strokers
    8445 heads
    Stock intake. No welding
    We need some sort of a "throttle" to keep speed under control, how about stock intercoolers?
    What about pump gas and alky?
    What about street radials, NO "dot" tires? that could be fun we can find out who knows what about suspension, torque converters and driving
    Ok quickly give me your thoughts, we will not be able to make everyone happy on every rule but now you know what we are after and we are going to get it done soon so you can start prepping those cars.
    I wanna race! :rock:
    Mike Licht
  2. gnracer1

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    how about a 45a turbo so i can come play . i have stock unported heads and stock intercooler and a 3 inch down pipe
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    See my earlier post, you're starting to see the light. :five:

    You'll have a couple of cars capable of going in the tens, but I'd agree that you'll see median times in the mid-11's . At least the first year. :) I'd finally pull the Limited out from under the cover. What will the ET be that requires a roll bar? 11.50? 11.99?

    Since when are stock downpipes hard to get :fragez:
  4. Quickwrench

    Quickwrench Registered User

    You'd be FORCING alky on the participants. How about racer's choice: Race gas or Pump gas/Alky. What would be the octane limit for pump gas, and how would you tech it?

    As in plain-jane radials? :( You'd definitely accomplish slowing the class down. My vote is for DOT-legal Drag Radials <= 275/60/15. Or Slicks.
  5. 1KWIK6

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    I'm in!

    Nick and Mike,

    In my opinion, this class should be structured to allow the majority of bolt-on, "weekend warrior" types to compete without having to drastically change their setup to meet the class rules. However, I do agree that there needs to be a means to limit performance. I DO NOT intend to install a cage in my cars. Many have/can run under 11.50 with a stock intercooler. As such, I propose these suggestions:

    Have one class for the truly stock cars. It could be called 'Turbo Factory Stock'. The only allowable modifications would be:

    1) K&N filter in stock airbox.
    2) Valve cover breathers. Eliminate oil pipe from inlet bell.
    3) Race gas OK. No alky or nitrous.
    4) Any aftermarket in-tank fuel pump OK.
    5) Adjustable fuel pressure regulator OK.
    6) Any single stock-style chip. No thumbwheels.
    7) Must use stock turbo and bell. Adjustable wastegate rod OK.
    8) Must use stock intercooler. No big neck or stretches allowed.
    9) Must use stock elbow and downpipe.
    10) Test pipe OK. Max size = 3". No cutouts allowed. Dual exhaust allowed. Max size = 3". Pipes must exit in stock locations. All runs must be made through full exhaust with muffler(s).
    11) Must run factory correct rims for your model. All tires must be true 'street' radials. No "drag radials" allowed.
    12) Everything else must be STOCK.

    Next, have a class called 'Turbo Factory Stock Extreme' and allow the following mods:

    1) Must run completely stock airbox. <---- no need to 'police' turbo size with this restriction in place
    2) Must run GM MAF sensor (3.5" max?)
    3) Any 3-bolt turbo (max inlet = 3"/ outlet = 2") <---- easy visual inspection
    4) Factory GN, GNX, or TTA I/C (2.5" neck OK) No rows or cold boxes added. Cannot spray intercooler with water, N2O, or CO2, etc.
    5) Race gas/ alky injection OK. No nitrous oxide.
    6) Stock Throttle Body. Porting allowed.
    7) Stock upper plenum (No hemco or precision). Porting allowed. No welding.
    8) Power Plate or plenum spacer allowed. (Max thickness = ???")
    9) Stock lower intake (No BGC or 'new' Champion). Porting and EGR tower removal allowed. No raised or welded runners.
    10) Only factory iron heads allowed. Porting OK. Must use factory valve covers.
    11) Any size fuel injectors allowed. Max qty. of 6/ No 7th injectors, etc.
    12) Stock fuel rail/ regulator in stock location. Adjustable regulator OK.
    13) Any in-tank fuel pump(s) allowed. No frame mounted pumps. No sumped tanks or cells.
    14) Voltage boosters allowed.
    15) Stock ECM. Low impedance drivers OK.
    16) Any chip, ME, T+ Pro, etc. No FAST or other stand alone units.
    17) Any cam that pulls ??.?" of vacuum at ???? rpm idle speed.
    18) Torque strap OK. Aftermarket poly motor mounts OK.
    15) Must have A/C, alternator, water pump and pwr steering installed and functional. No electric pumps or remote drives.
    16) Underdrive pullies OK?
    17) Stock production block. Max overbore of .060". No strokers. Girdle and/or steel caps OK.
    18) Stock ignition setup. No MSD boxes, etc.
    19) Battery mounted under hood in stock location.
    20) Factory headers and crossover.
    21) Max exhaust size = 3". Wastegate must be 'dumped' into exhaust system.
    22) Dual exhaust OK. Exhaust pipe(s) must exit in stock location.
    23) Test pipe with cutout OK. Electric cutouts allowed. No fender dumps allowed.
    24) Must use 2004R transmission. Any stall OK. Transbrake allowed. Aftermarket cooler allowed.
    25) Must use factory installed rearend. <---- this will limit the TTA's performance to some degree
    26) Must use stock style suspension. No coilovers.
    27) Any shocks OK. Larger rear sway bar OK. Front sway bar must be installed and properly connected. Coil spring airbags OK. Aftermarket LCAs OK.
    28) No fiberglass hoods, decklids, bumpers, etc. No Lexan windows; must use glass. TTAs may have factory Lexan T-Tops.
    29) Must have COMPLETE interior. Front and rear seats must match.
    30) All rims must match.
    31) All 4 tires must be radials. M/T, BFG, and Nitto 'Drag DOT' allowed.
    32) Min front rim = ?? x ?" / Max rear rim = ?? X ??"
    33) Min front tire dimensions are ?? X ?" / Max rear tire dimensions are ?? X ??"
    34) Min curb weight of ????# w/ driver.

    I would welcome the hot air cars, GNX's and TTA's to enter these classes as well.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through this.

    -Ron Hammons :racer:
  6. Mike Licht

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    When I said alky I did not mean that you would be forced to use it, but should we allow guys who do? The only downside is that alky will take some of the limiting factor of a stock intercooler away since the air temps drop so much.

    I am going to say no slicks right from the get, we can talk about DOT tires.

    Roll bars and safty items are dictated by the track rules. 11.49 for most. so if we build cars that are going to go that fast expect to install a bar or don't bother coming since these rules are going to be enforced by the tracks. Please keep that in mind when proposing rules.

    Please remember that this class is and entry level class designed to let as many guys in as possible, and get them started in real heads up racing, if they want to go faster they can step up to a faster class.

    TFS does not have to mean stock appearing, it can if we want it to but we can shape it to what we want. Stock appearing cars have lots of hidden tricks (I know most of them and I will post them if we go that way) and when the first guy that has a car with original air cleaner rips off a 10...... I can see and hear the crying now :add_shit:
  7. Mike Licht

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    The first set are good but I just don't see a bunch of guys going back to stock to race here I love them however. The second set is not a lot different that what we have started working with please suggest some changes there and THANKS for your input we need it. We also cannot add 2 more classes this is not NHRA :)
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    let me think, bro. lol.
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