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    So i am thinking about getting a T/TA.Is there anything i should know?
    Iknow about the spoiler cracking,and the heads being different.Would a stretch intercooler from a GN work?:beer:

    Any info would be appreciated.
  2. phillyturbosix

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    The TTA's had the GNX IC in them. Same as a GN but more fins per sq inch. The leather seats in the TTA's was junk. So check the drivers seat real good. There is a company who makes replacement seat covers in leather but they are expensive. Keep in mind they were beat on by most owners so make sure it don't have any funny sounds coming from the engine. It was the best Pontiac Buick ever built!
  3. TT/A1233

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    Lexan roof panels are not preferred. They scratch and crack easily not to mention the creaks and squeaks they make.
  4. Turbo Uffe

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    Please check the tranny that it shifts correctly, make sure that/if the car has T-tops that they not are leaking, as you said the rear wing cracking and the seats that where very poor stock has no cracks but you can order them in new real leather now.

    And they also have some leaks in the rearmain seal.

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