Sorry about the downtime

Discussion in 'Site News/Rules/Updates' started by JayC, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. JayC

    JayC Administrator Staff Member

    Just realized things were broken this morning.. everything should be back to normal.
  2. Reaper

    Reaper Pit Bitch

    I thought I was going nuts....

    It kept saying Data base error, then this morning I finally tried and google came up, got the archived threads. at that moment you must have put the site back online, cause it worked.......

  3. turbo2nr

    turbo2nr Registered User

    This always works...

    Just add the "/forums" to bypass log-in crap/homepage errors on most forums.
  4. SGRIM

    SGRIM <b>Admin<b> Staff Member

    I have been going through withdrawl this morning:add_wegbr
  5. TT/A1233

    TT/A1233 Registered User

    I'm still not getting any email reminders. Must be 2-2½ weeks now....hopefully the que will clear out soon!
  6. Vacuum 6

    Vacuum 6 Half-Roofs Rock!

    That's what I did and zero issues.
  7. turbo2nr

    turbo2nr Registered User

    In about six months, we'll all get 3,698 emails with subscribtion alerts.:yikes:

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