Press Release from Houston Performance and Full Throttle

Discussion in 'Full Throttle Speed&Style' started by Mike Licht, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Mike Licht

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    Houston Performance Pipes plans to expand their offerings and has recently relocated to a larger modern facility. Under the direction of Joe Tedesco, a master fabricator specializing in custom automotive fabricating, we plan to develop exciting new products. Joe's many years of experience and outstanding craftsmanship is exactly what we were looking for to get back into the product development loop and improve the quality of existing products. We are driving forward with new found direction now since Terry has not been involved in the company for all most three years. We are currently partnering with Mike Licht of Full Throttle Speed and Style to prefect and complete a redesigned header project and a few other design efforts not quite ready for discussion. The headers will be sold exclusively thought Full Throttle Speed. We also plan to reintroduce some old products too that will benefit from our new found precision. Houston Performance Pipes had an interruption of service due to the move and we apologize for the inconvenience but we are all settled now, back in production, ready to go and help you go faster. We are looking forward to some exciting new projects that will lead to more innovative products from Houston Performance Pipes.
    Thanks for your support
    Susan Houston & Mike Licht
  2. TurboJim

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    Outstanding news Mike!:beer:
  3. Bryan C.

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    That is exciting news.
  4. gnxtc2

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    Make a big exhaust sytem- 3.5" to 4" to 5":SHOCKED:

    Make a big DP- 5":SHOCKED:

    And good luck:arco:

    Billy T.
  5. Beast_231

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    Very good news, I was worried that I would be screwed when it came time to order a downpipe, very happy to hear!

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