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Discussion in 'Site News/Rules/Updates' started by SGRIM, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. SGRIM

    SGRIM <b>Admin<b> Staff Member

    Nelson Febus, http://www.febusfilms.com/ , has donated copies of his new DVD from the "Island Dragway"

    Click Here for a preview!

    Sign In and on Oct 31st we will let a random # generator pick the winning post #'s:bigok:

    Only post 1 time in the thread please!

    There will be 3 DVD's given away:arco: I will ship the three lucky members videos to them!

    Big Thanks to Nelson, GNflyby for supporting our site:anbet: :You_Rock_
  2. DragulaGN

    DragulaGN <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

    Signing in!
  3. turbo2nr

    turbo2nr Registered User

    J. Hancock.

    DARRELLTHOMAS Registered User

    Nice, I'm in:beer:
  5. aminga

    aminga Head Peter Puffer

    I'm in.
  6. SoCal GN

    SoCal GN <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

    I'm in- swag is always good!
  7. TSM Girl

    TSM Girl Mama said Knock you out

    I am in also
  8. MrLimitedT

    MrLimitedT Registered User

    inside out 10-4
  9. Bryan C.

    Bryan C. Senior Member Staff Member

    I am in.
  10. opeltwinturbo

    opeltwinturbo Registered User

  11. yangiant51

    yangiant51 Registered User

    I'm In! :)

    JOHNDEEREGN Administrator Staff Member

    PICK ME:arco:

    NOT EVERYBODY BEOTCH:add_wegbr :add_wegbr :add_wegbr :add_wegbr good luck Brent!
  13. zbuickman

    zbuickman Registered User

    Dont pick him He calls every body Fockers. :add_wegbr pick me
  14. weeee_6

    weeee_6 Registered User

    Heck yeah!

    XXQUICK6XX Member


    I'm in . :eek:mfg:

  16. gnxtc2

    gnxtc2 New Member

  17. ekjunky80

    ekjunky80 Registered User

    signing in!
  18. lil v6

    lil v6 Registered User

    Pick me, free stuff is always cool
  19. WLDWST

    WLDWST Duke Of Didley

    I am In.
  20. JPratt

    JPratt Registered User

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