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Discussion in 'Full Throttle Speed&Style' started by Mike Licht, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Mike Licht

    Mike Licht Registered User Staff Member

    The Translator Pro is now shipping this is a speed density conversion or also can be used like a normal Translator. It has much more tuning ability and can also be used as a boost controller. An Innovate (most other brands work too we prefer Innovate) wideband can be connected and the pro will run closed loop WOT A/F like an aftermarket computer. see

    Translator Pro $399.99
    3 bar map $59.99
    Air temp sensor extension $19.99
    Boost harness $15.99
    High Boost solnoid $69.99
    Adaptor for High Boost Solenoid $19.99
    Tuner Pro Chip (add timing control to Pro, not needed but nice) $119.99

    Mike Licht
    586 790 4406
  2. Vacuum 6

    Vacuum 6 Half-Roofs Rock!


    What’s all needed to convert to the MAF translator for the turbo Buicks? I have a stock ecm.

    LS1 MAF sensor
    MAF translator
    Translator Plus

    Did I miss anything to get my car up and running? I’m looking for complete fuel and timing control. Scan tool...I’m currently using an OTC 2000.

  3. Mike Licht

    Mike Licht Registered User Staff Member

    You have two choices

    Translator plus, gm sensor and chip


    Translator Pro, chip and no maf sensor at all. You can also control boost with this setup

  4. Vacuum 6

    Vacuum 6 Half-Roofs Rock!

    Can I use any chip? Also can I still use my current scan tool, OTC 2000?

    Again, what chip? The one that comes with it?
  5. Mike Licht

    Mike Licht Registered User Staff Member

    You can run any chip with this setup and run translator mode or speed density mode. If you want timing control you will need an Extender Pro chip
  6. Vacuum 6

    Vacuum 6 Half-Roofs Rock!


    PM sent.
  7. 8tsixt

    8tsixt Registered User

    will i need to purchase the map sensor to run this without a maf? i already have chips but want to do away completely with the maf sensor. thanks, Carlos R.
  8. Mike Licht

    Mike Licht Registered User Staff Member

    You will need a 3 bar map and you will need to move the ATS to the inletl pipe before the throttle body
  9. 8tsixt

    8tsixt Registered User

    thanks Mike.
  10. 8tsixt

    8tsixt Registered User

    one last question Mike, will the check engine light stay on without running the maf?
  11. Mike Licht

    Mike Licht Registered User Staff Member

    No you should have no check engine lights
  12. Bruce

    Bruce Registered User

    FWIW, I just had my second experience with them.
    The first was watching Bob Bailey work on his, and last weekend a Buick guy dropped by, and I helped him finish wiring his in, and doing some intial tuning.

    It takes a lil getting used to since you can do so much, but the results are impressive. Smooth as silk drivibility, and instant throttle response.....
  13. SGRIM

    SGRIM <b>Admin<b> Staff Member

    I like ours on the TFS car! Jay was even impressed:shock: :add_wegbr

    Most important thing to me is the boost controller really works:rockwoot:

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