Nitrous on a grand national????

Discussion in 'Auxillary Injection' started by JETHRO, Oct 26, 2008.


    JETHRO Registered User

    Hi, I'm new to this site,and wanted to know if anybody has had knowledge,or experience running a nitrous kit on a GN?? Any help from someone who has tuned a one nozzle kit, mounted in the intake pipe, Mine has two jets one gas -one nitrous!!!!---.042 gas--.048 nitrous adjustable fuel regulator, set at 48psi. Bottle pressure 1000psi??? Is this tune up even close??? Thanks in advance---Jed

    DARRELLTHOMAS Registered User

    Everyone who added nitrous to their GN that I know has blown it up, get someone who is really knowledgable to help set it up, its not something you want to do trial an error with. My two cents.
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  5. Bryan C.

    Bryan C. Senior Member Staff Member

    I have been inspired..

    To get back on track of the subject, those I know that have run N2O in the past have opted to just run more boost or go to a bigger turbo rather than mess with it. Seems boost is more manageable and predictable. You can also see this in some of the class racing in the v8 realm.
  6. agteacher

    agteacher Registered User

    NO2 for spooling

    We just use a 30-50 shot to spool the turbo off the line-----TC is a little tight.
    Now, we going to go to a BB turbo, and see if we still need the NO2.
  7. Angry White American

    Angry White American Registered User

  8. ITSAV6

    ITSAV6 Registered User

    I used it, didnt blow up anything. Street chip with boost set to 10# and a 75 shot. A nitrous chip and start jetting low. Havent used it in years. Bigger turbo eleminated the need for it.
  9. Abominable Snow Biscuit

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    This thread is from 2008-2009.

    JOHNDEEREGN Administrator Staff Member

    Hell yes run nitorous, crank the fukking boost up to 30 PSI and run 85 Octane. Good to go :D
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  11. charlief1

    charlief1 Charlies Goat Patrol Texas Chapter - President

    We can tell you're a ferd lover now Ty.:p
  12. HotAirGNsRule

    HotAirGNsRule Registered User

    I have a dual stage Compucar system on my GN. I have only ran one small shot on the car, and it significantly picked up in MPH in the quarter.
  13. spoolfool2

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    I would think that a hot air car would benefit more from NOS, as the cooling effect of the juice would be much needed.
    With an ICed car, if you want more cylinder pressure, just turn up the boost.

    I am by no means an expert on hot air stuff. That expert has left the building. :(
  14. WarWagon

    WarWagon Registered User

    Have not sprayed nitrous on my Buick for 5 years now but it is still on there and I intend to spray it again. Now when I was using it, I was spraying a 100hp NX wet nozzle setup on my own tune with very mild boost and timing. Reason: major cylinder pressure increase, everytime I hit the nitrous the turbo would spool instantly and gain 5 psi boost over my setting of 20psi. So while the nitrous was on boost was now 25psi with 16* ignition timing max! I've never had a bad experience while using nitrous on my Buick but it is all in how you are utilizing it and remembering to use a lower boost and timing than normal. I only haven't used the nitrous for awhile because I added Alkycontrol and turned boost up over 30psi which made more power than just 20psi and 100hp nitrous shot alone.

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