New personal best for the car last night.

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Abominable Snow Biscuit, Jul 13, 2017.

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    After avoiding a major catastrophe during run 2, I ran my fastest time yet.

    To start, I have been dealing with some voltage issues the last week, which I thought was a bad connection at the positive battery terminal. Thinking that I had everything under control, the wife and I took the hour trip to the track for some street legal drags.

    During the first run, my voltage issues had returned. I thought I had checked over everything pretty well, and felt that I was out of options, so I called the only other TR guy that I have in my phone. Spool! He gave me some options to try before heading back to the starting line.

    Well, this time it had gotten worse and my car completely shut down at about 1/2 track. I had lost power to everything. Coasting to the exit I noticed a lot of smoke coming out the back of the car, and nervous would be an understate to how I was feeling. As I pulled off the track, I opened the hood and my charge wire was on fire and burning up fast. Thank goodness I had a small tool box in the trunk and was able to get the battery disconnected. They happened to have a water extinguisher about 20' from where I had stopped. Whew!

    The safety safari crew pushed me back to the pits, and I had a small mess to deal with, and also an issue of how I was going to get home. Long story short, I have to love racers, because someone always has what you need. I found 4' of 8 gauge wire and some connectors and was able to replace the line at the track.

    This lead up to 3 very decent passes, 2 of them being personal bests. I clicked off a 11.73, 11.63, and finally the 11.48 @ 116.

    Thanks Spool for be on retainer for tech support.
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    Good start Biscuit bro.
  3. spoolfool2

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    Congrats. You will get my itemized bill in the bail.
    I always keep some zip tie in the glove box, just for this sort of thing and to tie up hookers with. ;)

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