New guy on FB needs help. That's all I'm gunna say...

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by spoolfool2, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. spoolfool2

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    Copied from FB.

    Quick question, where these rings/bearings supposed to be lifted up like this, I’m sure they weren’t but this is the first time I’m actually working on this engine like this. Thanks in advance.

  2. spoolfool2

    spoolfool2 Best Damn Bumper Fillers Bar None!

    Yea. I feel for the guy cuz we were all once new to this stuff.

    Still! The demented side of me wanted to have him "Whack" them back into place with a 5 lb sledge hammer. If he removed all the spark plugs first, He may be able to hit them hard enough to rotate the engine and bring the next lifter up. Of course he would then need to smack that one down and so on and so on...

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    They just won't stay down......
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    I made a cam card joke :)
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    I had no mentor, when I wanted to learn I devoured car craft, hot rod mags and chiltons/motors/hayes manuals.
    Anything I could find.
    Nobody seems to want to research or even read anymore. Spoon/internet fed.

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