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Discussion in 'Site News/Rules/Updates' started by SGRIM, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. SGRIM

    SGRIM <b>Admin<b> Staff Member

    Jay has installed a great new program for our Classified Section!

    The new system has many advantages over the old forum based system, including:

    Sellers can place classified ads for fixed prices or with optional eBay style bidding enabled

    Sellers can upload several photos to display with each classified ad

    Sellers can set an expiration date for each ad
    SOLD IT! and RELIST IT! options to disable/re-enable ads

    User feedback system to provide ratings and feedback for buyers and sellers

    Contact seller page allows buyers to contact sellers without revealing seller email address

    Search by keyword

    This is just a small portion of the features the new classifieds system affords users.

    Check it out, you can set up your own auctions!

    Forget Ebay Fees!

  2. SoCal GN

    SoCal GN <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

    No workee.....can't post or reply to the new classified sections, (permissions are for editing only) but I have all permissions in other forums.......
  3. JayC

    JayC Administrator Staff Member

    Oops.. I think thats fixed.
  4. SoCal GN

    SoCal GN <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

    Ees no good, sahib- still can't post/reply in classifieds,but ees good elsewhere...

    Must be cause I'm from the left coast......
  5. JayC

    JayC Administrator Staff Member

    Yea, left coast discrimination.

    Let me check permissions again.
  6. JayC

    JayC Administrator Staff Member

    Near as I can tell the permissions look right. What exactly are you trying to do? Can you create a test ad?
  7. suicide six

    suicide six Registered User

    Why not leave it the way it was.Most users list here rather than ebay or if listed there,make mention of it of it on your site.Ebay has gone down hill over the yrs.The buick community is never going to be as big as it once was.This site has gone south as well,many have left and its not because they sold their cars.I dont care for the ebay style of selling,maybe others will chime in on this.Was this your decision to go to this format or was it a group preference?I wont be using your new selling gimmic.How do I end my subscribtion to this site.
  8. JayC

    JayC Administrator Staff Member

    There is no "gimmick." If a user wants to make his ad an auction, he can make his ad an auction. If he wants to sell it outright, he can sell it outright. You can set the ad up so people can pay you for the item directly through the ad, there is a feedback system to reward the good sellers....

    What the hell was I thinking trying to bring something better to the Buick community.
  9. SoCal GN

    SoCal GN <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

    I was trying to reply to an ad, and in the lower left corner, the system stated that I had permissions only to edit posts. I logged off, and logged back in- no good.

    Let me see if i can create a test post. Weird, that this would only happen in the 'for sale' sections, and nowhere else.....BRB
  10. JayC

    JayC Administrator Staff Member

    You are using the new ad system, correct? The old forums are locked and can only be viewed.
  11. SoCal GN

    SoCal GN <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

  12. SGRIM

    SGRIM <b>Admin<b> Staff Member

    Are you seeing this page?
  13. SoCal GN

    SoCal GN <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

    Yup, and I'm the high bidder:icon16:
  14. JayC

    JayC Administrator Staff Member

    Send me a PM with your password in it so I can have a look. All of the permissions are correct, this shouldnt be happening.
  15. gregb78

    gregb78 T6P Site Supporter

    I think this is a cool feature. Thanks guys :anbet: :beer:
  16. JayC

    JayC Administrator Staff Member

    Put some more hackage to work on the classified system. Now all the new ads show up under New Posts

    Also, people who have donated to the site are allowed to set their ads in bold type, italics and make it a highlight ad. Just a small way of saying thanks to those people who support T6P
  17. BigJim

    BigJim Registered User

    unable to reply to post in classifieds here either
  18. DragulaGN

    DragulaGN <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

    Thanks for the hard work Jay:beer:
  19. JayC

    JayC Administrator Staff Member

    Almost every problem Ive encountered with the new ad system is people trying to use the old ad forums thinking they were connected. That being said, I've removed the old ad forums and now only the new system remains. I think the old ads had enough time to run their course and of course people can post their ads in the new system.
  20. 1LowLeSabre

    1LowLeSabre Registered User

    Where is the New Thread icon in the classifieds?

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