My TTA made some more press along with that hardtop one on eBay..

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    This month's Pontiac Enthusiast. Actually Nov/Dec 2006 This publication seems to not like the TTA's. I guess because of the Buick engine. It's like pulling teeth trying to get in it. So they finally stuck my car in the "Dartboard" section. Being Hemmings only posted the stock HP the TTA's make I gave these guys the real numbers and they posted that! I thought that was kinda cool for a change to see some real numbers! Nice little article they wrote from all the crap I sent in about the car. Always cool to keep these cars in the spot light! :cheers:

    Click here for the full size link...


    As for Brian's hardtop car they were not as nice to it. It was under their on line auction watch section.. It reads as follows.. 1989 Trans Am Turbo 20th Anniversary Edition. Not Sold - Offered at $79,000 The latest in a spate of low-mile-age turbo T/As we've seen lately- this one listed at 6,000 miles-we weren't surprised that this car didn't sell for it's nearly $80,000 asking price, although it attracted 18 offers. True, it is one of only 24 hardtops (non-T-top), but we've seen several other low-mile cars and the seller claims that it was possibly the "lowest mileage investment quality car in existence" smacked of hyperbole-as did the asking price. And they had a pic of the car.
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    Congrats on the press!:beer:

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    SCHWEET JIM C:arco:

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