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Discussion in 'Audio/Electrical' started by gordyzx9r, May 13, 2004.

  1. gordyzx9r

    gordyzx9r Registered User

    I have a fuel pump cutoff switch. But, I want to have another kill switch hidden under the hood. Can I run a switch in bewteen the orange ECM, and if I do what voltage/amps does the switch need to be able to handle? And if I also want to run a starter kill switch, what's the easiest way to do that under the hood, meaning what wire bundle and wires do I look for under the hood to splice the switch into to run a starter kill switch?
  2. JohnSpina

    JohnSpina Registered User

    The purple 12 gage wire at the bulkhead is the starter solenoid wire. If you interrupt this wire, the car won't crank.
    It's the only large purple wire in the buikhead (near the powermaster unit).
    -John Spina

    PS You can interrupt the blue wire at the cam sensor to prevent starting.
  3. 87TurboT

    87TurboT Registered User

    i have a kill switch on the orange ECM wire. my buick mechanic told me to put it there and it i like the way it turned out. the car cranks and acts like it wants to start but will not. i think that would stump most would-be theives. the only drawback I found is that it the ECM seems to 'reset' itself every morning, it starts normally but after 5-10 seconds it starts it runs a little rich and bogs a few times, but after another 20-30 seconds it clears up and runs perfectly. this only happens when the switch is turned off for a long period of time, like overnight. (now this could just be my car since it needs to be tuned badly)

    Just my .02

    and as for the switch i just went to my local auto parts store and found the best one i could. i cant remember the exact ratings on it, but it works just fine.

  4. gordyzx9r

    gordyzx9r Registered User

    I went with an ECM interupt & ignition interupt in addition to the fuel pump interupt. I also had a Viper 791xv with two revenger horns, two pain generators, and a backup power supply installed. My steadfast column collar guard should be finished at the painters today and I'll install that this weekend.
  5. Be4u


    Sometimes overkill is good! Nice job.
  6. 87TurboT

    87TurboT Registered User

    ya. sounds like you got a nice set-up there gordyzx9r,
    i think im gonna be picking up one of those steadfast collars as well. seems like a good product.

    A WORD OF WARNING: some a$$holes tried stealing my baby about a year ago, i had one of those other column covers on it, (the ones they sell at pep boys and a few TR websites) well needless to say, that cover didnt do crap and was pryed off with pry's of the screw if you have one of these beware!! waste of money after i seen how 'effective' it was.
  7. gordyzx9r

    gordyzx9r Registered User

    Are you refering to the brightly colored ones that appear on ebay? I think Kirban sells them too. I've heard nothing but bad things about them as well.

    Were the thieves succesful in getting your car? If they weren't, what was it that was able to deter them? For my setup, I went with the idea that nothing is theft proof, but I believe that if you throw in enough deterents and obstacles to slow them down they will either decide it's not worth the hassle or someone will become wise to their activities. The switches are all in different locations on the car, the brain to the alarm is not easily accessible (god forbid I ever need to get to that damn thing again), there is a backup power supply with separate relays for the alarm and horns, and I use a both a Brake Lock and a Club. Understand though that the Club is pretty much so worthless, but it is another obstacle nonetheless.

    If you order a Steadfast Column Guard, they'll probably cut you a good deal if you opt for the Brake Lock as well (again, probably easily defeatable, but it is yet another obstacle).
  8. 87TurboT

    87TurboT Registered User

    Ya it was one of those bright colored ones. I did purchase it from kirbans BTW.

    AND NO.. they didnt get my car THANK GOD :anbet: it was parked at the local mall, and i only went in to buy a cd (5 mins tops) and they managed to get the car started (this was before i added the kill switch by the way). Good thing I walked out on the a$$holes doing it or my car woulda been gone in another 20 secs.

    now-a-days i got that kill switch, brake lock, club and a steadfast will come soon. that should be enough since i really dont leave my car ne where except for school (guarded lot) and my driveway (blocked in by 2 other cars). if i need to go anywhere else i take my sisters car :top:
  9. gordyzx9r

    gordyzx9r Registered User

    I never take the GN anywhere if I know won't be able to have "eyes on it", I'm the same way with my Ninja as well.
  10. 87TurboT

    87TurboT Registered User

    I know exactly what you mean. I do the same thing. Between classes at school I walk out to the car just to make sure no ones been meesin with it. It sucks that you have to do/feel like that these days. Just the feeling of someone I dont know sitting in, let alone driving, my car give me a sick to the stomach feeling. Damn people who have to steal to get what they want instead of working for it like everyone else. :add_shit:
  11. 1of1547

    1of1547 Registered User

    How about rigging a 44 mag to the door handle!!!!!! :arco:

    The brake locks doesn't work for our cars. It only works on cars that you have to push the brake pedal in to shift from park. A GNX was recovered with the brake lock still attached. They just used the E brake to stop it in traffic.
  12. 87TurboT

    87TurboT Registered User

    Good thing my E brake doesnt work that good....haha. Ya I figured it didnt do much...just something else to slow 'em down. But the car wont run with the kill switch if they want it...gonna have to tow it away.
  13. 1badTTA

    1badTTA Swollen Member

    Just another suggestion for a kill switch. If you use the blue wire on an aftermarket stereo to trigger a relay to kill something/anything and the radio has a detachable face, you now have another "key" for the vehicle to be able to start/run. Say for instance you interupted the fuel pump with a relay, once you turn off the radio or remove the faceplate the car won't start or stay running. The beauty of this is that nobody will ever know as alot of people remove the faceplate and put it back on before starting the car, you could actually have the thief sitting in hte car and start it and he would never know. The possibilities are endless.

    Another good idea is to install a highjack kill switch. Best idea I have seen is a pull pin near the seatbelt release that activates a timed kill switch so you have an oportunity to get away from the thief but he won't get far. An 1/8" stereo jack (headphones) with a wire loop works great. Once again you can interupt anything you want. Timed circuits are available or can be built with plans you can find online.
  14. 87TurboT

    87TurboT Registered User


    thanks for the tips!! I really like the stereo wire idea. I think I may want to install something like that sometime. Sounds like something that no one would ever figure out unless they already know about it.
  15. Recklessrob

    Recklessrob The Coolest Guy Ever !

    One thing I do is unplug the hot wire relay when I park the
    car for any length of time. I have a starter kill switch and a
    Chapman. Sometimes I'll use the club that a friend gave me .
    The car had one of those annoying alarms that never works right
    when I bought it. I ended up taking that out. I also make a habit of blocking
    it in with one of my other vehicles when I don't plan to use it.
    As a last defense, having a gun collection that Ted Nugent would
    envy helps too ! :rock:
  16. larry33kc

    larry33kc Registered User

    I know this is old but how do you go about wiring up the face plate kill switch.
  17. buickruss

    buickruss Registered User

    The orange wire kill switch would reset you TT chip settings to defaul......t Right?

    I like the radio faceplate trick

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