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Discussion in 'T6P Technical Library' started by jsta6, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. GNVYUS 1

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    Sureflow 150psi pump weighs a tad under 4lbs.
    I've got two of these now. :crying: :icon16:

    3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft and Stock Driveshaft weights coming soon.
  2. GNVYUS 1

    GNVYUS 1 Registered User

    Got my updated tranny back and here are those Driveshaft weights.

    Stocker = 16.5lbs
    3.5" Aluminum = 14.25lbs
    Loss of 2.25lbs ( rotating )

    The 3.5" aluminum shaft was from Inland Empire. It had a beefier trans yoke and 1350 u joint up front with just a stock style rear u joint.

    Both driveshafts were trans yoke to rear u joint.

    Not as much of a loss as I'd have thought but the yoke and shaft are definitely bigger on the Inland.
  3. GNVYUS 1

    GNVYUS 1 Registered User

    Did the front sway bar swap today and it's not even close to whoever had 30lbs. Not even sure it was worth the $$ and time to swap it out.

    Bars were bare, no end links etc.

    Stock 32mm Swaybar = 21.5lbs
    F Body 36mm Swaybar = 14.5lbs
    Loss of 7lbs :thinking:

    Rear Pinion Snubber = 1/2lb with the bolts
  4. jsta6

    jsta6 Registered User

    Yeah, I hear you. I went to ship one and I realized it wasn't 30lbs??? Maybe the made different ones using different alloys? :confused:

    CANMOVE New Member

    Lose weight
  6. GNVYUS 1

    GNVYUS 1 Registered User

    Hard to lose 421lbs when you're 6'2 and 200lbs but I guess there is 15lbs in here somewhere to reach my ideal UFC weight class. At least it'd be more than the measly 7.5lbs I just lost Tuesday.

    BTW, the frame notch kit box weighted 60lbs and it's pretty much one cardboard box with no padding inside. :frown:
    Guess I'm adding about 70lbs when the notch and 325/50's go on. :crybaby:
  7. GNVYUS 1

    GNVYUS 1 Registered User

    Qa1 Rear Adjustable Shocks = 3.5lbs each

    Monroe Rear Air Shocks = 4.25lbs each
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    great thread thanks for all the info guys
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    This is a good thread!!
  10. 1chance

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    Very good thread!!!
  11. GNVYUS 1

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    CAS V2 FMIC with 2 hoses and 4 T Bolt Clamps = 30lbs dead on.

    3" Intercooler pipes with a Blitz Blow off ( no hoses or clamps ) = 5lbs
  12. GNVYUS 1

    GNVYUS 1 Registered User

    PTE Turbo Saver and braided line, no oil filter = 5lbs dead on
  13. GNVYUS 1

    GNVYUS 1 Registered User

    PTC 9.5" N/L torque converter dry = 28lbs, 4 ounces.

    I'll lose another 6lbs when I swap out the Precision 5 disc for the PTC. Getting close to the Vette Convertible weight of 3221lbs and finally can say I'm lighter than the ZR1 at 3333lbs .

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