How about a summer sale?

Discussion in 'Full Throttle Speed&Style' started by Mike Licht, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Mike Licht

    Mike Licht Registered User Staff Member

    We have not had a sale in a while. So I thought we would do a little something.

    UMI suspension parts 10% off website price

    1 3/8" rear sway bars, just like the old ATR unit except powder coated and grade 8 hardware included. $148.99

    Cat 3.400 stroke 4340 forged crankshafts internal balance $298.99 SHIPPED

    Gen 2 MAF Translator, 3.5" sensor, and maf adaptor harness PACKAGE PRICE $299.99

    60 lb (or 65lb) Mototron fuel injectors $299.99 set of 6 [​IMG]

    Scanmaster 2.1 for Buick Turbo $219.99

    Commander or Extender Extreme or Pro chips $89.99

    Innovate Air Fuel meters LM-1 LC-1 XD-16 CALL - TOO LOW TO POST

    Revolution X roller cam kits Cam, cam button, lifters, pushrods, springs, locks and retainers $769.99

    Rail Mount Fuel pressure gauges silicone filled with adaptor for rail $29.99

    Mike Licht
    Full Throtttle Speed
    586 790 4406
  2. Mike Licht

    Mike Licht Registered User Staff Member

    Last Day

    Today is the last day we are moving and the phones are out and the web site is spotty. We will be stable by tomorrow. If you want to place and order at the sale price EMAIL IT TO with your phone she will call you Monday to make it happen
    Sorry for the confusion
  3. fastturb

    fastturb Registered User

    good luck with the move and best wishes on the new place.
  4. Roadrunner88

    Roadrunner88 Registered User

    I emailed Marianne...

    Great Sale, good luck with the move...:rockwoot:

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