Has anyone seen a TTA lowered?

Discussion in 'Turbo Trans Am Technical Forum' started by 1 QUIK6, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. 1 QUIK6

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    I have always thought our cars looked high in the front end. I don't really like the car to look like a low rider, just a slight sport rake would be nice. Has anyone seen a TTA lowered? I was thinking of the lowering spindles for the front but haven't seen any with stock springs. Pictures??

    Eric Malmsten
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  2. Grumpy

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    I'd take off the $500 intercooler scoop if ya lower it :rockwoot:
  3. 1 QUIK6

    1 QUIK6 Registered User

    Yeah, I am concerned about that. I had a camaro for a while that had a sport rake. It took me a little time to get used to it, but I learned. I don't really want it to look low, I just don't want it to look like a v6 car with v8 springs. 1 inch would probably be plenty.
  4. 2QUICK2B6

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    yo need to buy the TTA that has all the burgandy or red graphics all down the side to lower. Put some of those balls around the headliner too.
  5. 1 QUIK6

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    come-on guys, I was talking 1 inch in front to level it not 3 inches all the way around to slam it. I wonder if to level the car if I should put air bags in the back to bring the rear up. Drag racers might support individually controlled air bags. I just don't like the saggy butt look.
  6. TT/A1233

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    Those springs are designed for the V6. A V8 T/A has the exact same stance.

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