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Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Bent6, Feb 15, 2006.

  1. Bent6

    Bent6 Registered User

    Gauge Interest

    Testing the waters to see if there would be any and/or how much interest in a gauge setup like this. This is a prototype gauge panel fabricated by myself as an alternative to what is offered right now.

    TURBOTWIN2 Registered User

    Yeah, I'd be interested. I'd rather have a 30 lb. boost gauge in place if the fuel pressure gauge in the middle, though. Would it be plug-n-play? Any problems with cars with digital dash? Price? Thanks for your efforts.
  3. Bent6

    Bent6 Registered User

    Gauges and placements could be anything. This is not exactly plug and play but it's also not brain surgery. Basic electrical skills would be necessary. This also does NOT require hacking up the core support to the point it couldn't go back to stock if needed. Price would depend on type of gauges and how much interest there is.
  4. Walker231T

    Walker231T Registered User

    I'm DEFINATELY interested!!! :arco:
  5. SGRIM

    SGRIM <b>Admin<b> Staff Member

    Yea I'd be interested too with the boost in the middle:anbet:
  6. turbopowered68

    turbopowered68 Registered User

    i need 2 prices
    1-with out the gauges
    2-with the the gauges full sweep ultra-lite electric gauges
  7. Bent6

    Bent6 Registered User

    Thanks for the interest. I'm not pricing this right now. Only trying to see if there would be enough interest to justify my time. Pricing would depend on amount of interest and brand/type of gauges used.
  8. VadersV6

    VadersV6 Registered User

    You really need a 10,000rpm tach for a turbo regal?
    Really clean though!
  9. Bryan C.

    Bryan C. Senior Member Staff Member

    I would be interested in one depending on the price.
  10. instro84

    instro84 Registered User

    Hey Bent6 pm me your phone number i got some questions for you.
  11. Bent6

    Bent6 Registered User

    My Stage II shifts at 8 grand. Maybe about 75psi will peg a stocker!?!:arco: The Phantom in dash tachs only come in 10k.
  12. turbopowered68

    turbopowered68 Registered User

    me too or at least put out a ballpark # example $10.00 to $25.00
    wishfull thinking.!!!! LOL
  13. quickv6

    quickv6 Registered User

    Interested too. Also, in just the plate.

    Thanks for your efforts to bring us a new product.
  14. WSLN 6

    WSLN 6 Registered User

    I would be interested as well.Depending on the price of course
  15. Bent6

    Bent6 Registered User

    I made this for my personal street car because I have always wanted this layout and nobody offers it and evidently didn't want to take it on as a custom project. I never had any intentions of marketing the thing, just thought there may be other people out there like myself. Fabricating the mounting plate isn't the hard part. Knowing your way around the wiring is the issue for most people. I thought if I can completely wire a 7 sec race car, I can sure as heck tackle a stock dash. Forgot how many wires were behind a stock dash compared to a race cars! I can tell you all this much - I have somewhere around $750 in this panel including all gauges, plate fabrication, hardware, wiring, and new VSS! Bear in mind that this is using an electronic speedo as well as electric fuel pressure gauge from the Autometer Phantom series - cheaper gauges could have been used. Add to that the labor for modifications to the core support, the trim bezel, as well as wiring and you can see that it aint cheap! Now - anyone still interested?
  16. gordyzx9r

    gordyzx9r Registered User

    Performance Instruments?
  17. Bent6

    Bent6 Registered User

    That's nice but not what I wanted. Mine are layed out differently and eliminate the idiot lights. Hard to pay the big $$ for someone elses stufff when I am capable of doing it myself. Don't get me wrong, PI makes a nice product but I contacted him on more than one occasion trying to get him to do one like mine but never got any response. Decided to take matters into my own hands. I see on his site that he now offers something similar but still not like this one - plus it's a lot of $$$.
  18. Steve Hughes

    Steve Hughes Registered User

    That is exactly the setup i am getting ready to build myself. You did nice job on it. I just bought all my gauges for it. Would you be interested in selling me 2 of the plates??? I can see were you could easily have way more than $750.00 in the project without labor. I wanted all electric full sweep ultra-lite Autometers. Oil pressure and water temp are both $200.00 each. Thanks
  19. Haynesie

    Haynesie Registered User

    have you ever thought of adding a shift light right under the fuel pressure gauge, just a thought, some people might be interested in that aswell
  20. Bent6

    Bent6 Registered User

    That could be done.

    Added installed photos - see first post @ top. :rockwoot:

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