Full Throttle Speed New Product Showcase & Turbo Buick Tech Session at Bowling Green

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  1. Mike Licht

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    You are invited to join us at the Holiday Inn convention center at during the Buick Nationals in Bowling Green KY (Ballroom #3) on Thursday May 18 at 7PM for the Full Throttle Speed New Product Showcase and Tech Session. We will be showing new products that we are introducing there including the new MAF Translator Gen II and the V6 Stroker cranks and kits plus a few other new items. We have also invited some friends to join us and show other new products and answer your important tech questions. We will have a short introduction and then a tech session of about 2 hours.
    Door Prizes
    At the end of the session we will give out door prizes supplied by FTSS and other participants. These will include a Turbo V6 Rotating assembly consisting of a Cat Crank, K1 rods and Diamond Pistons in .030 overbore, A MAF Translator PRO and a MAF Translator GEN II (from FTSS and Bob Bailey) in addition to these there will be many more prizes that our friends have donated. This promises to be a fun and informative evening for all who attend. We only have seating for about 250, get there early.
    Invited panel:
    Mike Licht - Owner Full Throttle Speed (confirmed)
    Bob Bailey - Designer of MAF translators, Scanmaster, Extender Chips and more (confirmed)
    Lance Ward - F.A.S.T. Fuel injection (confirmed) XFI
    Harry Hruska - Owner Precision Turbo (confirmed) New Turbos
    Dan Strenzo - Owner DLS Engine Development (invited not yet confirmed) Engine guru
    Tom Allen – Owner Champion Racing Heads (confirmed) New Buick V6block
    2 others pending to be announced
    We will also set up out vendor booth at Beech Bend Friday and Saturday
    Hope to see you there!
    Mike & Marianne
  2. HighPSI

    HighPSI Hartline Performance

    Cool! Reminds me of the old tech sessions we used to have. Who's gonna sit between Dan & Harry j/k!
  3. V6gofast

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    Tech Meeting

    If I am able to make it, would invite Joe to sit in :arco:
  4. Bruce

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    WOW, talk about *Door Prizes*.
    Thanks, for your generousity!.

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