Finally got 1397 together

Discussion in 'Turbo Trans Am Technical Forum' started by 2QUICK2B6, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. 2QUICK2B6

    2QUICK2B6 Registered User

    After a lil over a yr the :turtle: is back together with a few upgrades :sprite10:


  2. phillyturbosix

    phillyturbosix Tech Advisor Staff Member

    Lookin good! The only thing I see is the valve covers are flip flopped! :)
  3. 2QUICK2B6

    2QUICK2B6 Registered User

    Yeah I noticed it after everything was installed:tantrum2: I have acouple sets so im going to have both sides with breathers. I also left acouple hoses unhooked where I wont be tempted to grab the extra 35 hp too.
  4. SGRIM

    SGRIM <b>Admin<b> Staff Member

    Looking good:rock:
  5. Vacuum 6

    Vacuum 6 Half-Roofs Rock!

    Very nice looking. :racer:
  6. kevin hess

    kevin hess Registered User

    looks good like we always say let it rip

    JOHNDEEREGN Administrator Staff Member

    Looks very nice! Wish I still had #1477:racer:
  8. NUTS4LC2

    NUTS4LC2 Registered User

    Thanx 4 sharing...

    Looking good ! Any pics of the car itself ?
  9. 2QUICK2B6

    2QUICK2B6 Registered User

    Not a very good pic .... It was an overcast day. The spoiler was on the car when I bought it :dunno: I have a new fiberglass aerospoiler to put on it as soon as I can get it painted.

  10. Quiky One

    Quiky One Registered User

    Looks like a solid 15 second car. :racer: :rock:

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