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Discussion in 'Detailing Forum' started by JPratt, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. JPratt

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    I have read a lot about replacing the fillers with OEM or Fiberglass. I have OEM front and fiberglass for the rear. The question I have is, are there any tips or tricks that I should know before putting these in? I figured I would test fit then have them painted. Any thing other than that?
  2. sfiturbox2

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    Thats about it. Just make sure you are careful when re-installing bumpers...don't scratch the new paint!
  3. spoolfool2

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  4. aminga

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    Cause it was from 2005. Maybe he bought them already

    JOHNDEEREGN Administrator Staff Member

    Well ya know Alan :essen: :canabis: :afro:
  6. spoolfool2

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    Rome wasn't built in a day. Great things don't just happen overnight. Sometimes the good replies take a little while to think about.

    Just imagine the crap that could have happened if I would have responded back to him in only six years, but with the wrong answer. :crying:

    Now, you wouldn't want that, would you?:spank:
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    Your asking us, hell us we would have loved to see that train wreck:icon16:

    Can ya find me a rental on the beach over at Cornado Island for say $1000 a week:crying:

    Everything I saw was $5000:spank:
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    Here's the cool place to go, if you've got the dough.

    Or, if your a cheep bastard like Charlie, (that still hasn't sent me my wine) head North to stay at less expensive places, and save your dough for doing fun stuff. Call me tomorrow.

    Mike B.
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    at least i am not the only one reviving old threads:rock:
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    I'm glad i didn't smooth mine,I left the origianls on, In the garage or with the car in public, People like to use the bumper to to hold themselfs up, or in the Garage you'll slide by an scuff the front or back. I have GNX flares now too,just more sticking out to scuff....Just a heeads-up, i agree looks nice an smooth,till something concats it. Have your wet sand paper an buffer ready.

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