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  1. Nick Micale

    Nick Micale Senior Member Staff Member

    Since the "aftermarket intake" thread went off topic with 4 bolt turbos, why did no one mention BRAKES? So I will here! :fly:

    Seems for the speeds attained here [and in TSM], I would think many racers would want manual brakes instead of the dreaded and unpredicitable PM or the vacuum booster with low vac cams. :fragez:

    No one care about stopping???? :sleep:
  2. Top Gun

    Top Gun <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

    The speeds are very close to the 150 mph mark, I think manual brakes would be a wise choice.
  3. Louie L

    Louie L Registered User

    Allowing manual brakes would be a great idea. I still run the powermaster and didnt like the Vac brakes on the race car. I have driven Cals car with the manuals and feel they have better feel and stop very well.....
  4. Ted A.

    Ted A. <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

    I will not protest manual brakes. Good idea Nick!!!
  5. Nick Micale

    Nick Micale Senior Member Staff Member

    When I went to manual brakes on my race car, the rubber hoses were also replaced with braided steel ones. Made a BIG difference in stopping power and confidence for me. :rock:

    Have been asked a few times about allowing manual brakes but not seen any discussion about them? :fragez:

    Remember, it is the racer's input that is used for changes to the rules. Comments in forums like this, pro and con, will be forwarded for consideration.
  6. Boost

    Boost Registered User

    Safety ALWAYS first !

    OK to use manual brakes.
  7. Weakest Link

    Weakest Link Registered User

    Manual Brakes

    I go for manual brakes in all turbo classes. I have been asking for over two years for this change because of safety concerns. No one else seemed to care at that time. Not even those who are in control of the rules.

    Willard Brown
  8. tuvw698

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    JOHNDEEREGN Administrator Staff Member

    cant edit

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