Any TTA guys going to Kirban's open house this Sat?

Discussion in 'Turbo Trans Am Technical Forum' started by phillyturbosix, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. phillyturbosix

    phillyturbosix Tech Advisor Staff Member

    Hey any TTA guys going to attend Kirban's open house this Sat?? I'm going to take mine last time I was the only TTA there! :frown: Like to get some lined up! Snorman bring that TTA up you might have some buyers!! :) Chime in guys! :beer: :arco:
  2. Snorman

    Snorman Registered User Staff Member

    Wish I could get away...that's the reason I'm selling a few. No time with the family and career.

    JOHNDEEREGN Administrator Staff Member

    Give ya $7500 Sean:arco:
  4. phillyturbosix

    phillyturbosix Tech Advisor Staff Member

    That sucks you can't make it Sean! Hopefully some TTA's show up! Good luck with the sale. This is the time to sell. Some nice wife should buy that baby right up for their husbands holiday gift! :arco:

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