3.625 Stroker Cranks $439

Discussion in 'Full Throttle Speed&Style' started by Mike Licht, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Mike Licht

    Mike Licht Registered User Staff Member

    Our shipment of the new 3.625 Stroker cranks we showed at the Nats is now very close. If you were there you saw we had a unit on display and at our tech session. These are narrow journal units, external balance. We also have K1 rods in various sizes and Diamond pistons to match at the price of a shelve piston. All pre orders on cranks will get free shipping too boot!
    Mike Licht
  2. DragulaGN

    DragulaGN <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

    When will you have the cranks.."in hand"
  3. 9secv6

    9secv6 Registered User

    "external balance"

    is that a typo:confused: I have been on that list for quite sometime now:D
  4. Sixgun86gn

    Sixgun86gn Registered User

    I ordered one of these cranks at bowling green.I assume this means they will be shipped out soon?

    Thank you for the update.I know at bowling green it was estimated to be around 3 weeks out,but I understand sometimes things don't always go according to plan.

    Thanks Mike,another great product.I look forward to putting it to use.:D
  5. DragulaGN

    DragulaGN <b>T6P Site Supporter<b>

    Again I ask...when will you have them on hand?
  6. Mike Licht

    Mike Licht Registered User Staff Member

    If I had a firm day I would give you one. They are actually over due a bit now from when they were supposed to be here, I was told two days ago they are very close. I was not given an exact day so I will not make one up.
  7. Sixgun86gn

    Sixgun86gn Registered User

    Any new info on this product?
  8. opeltwinturbo

    opeltwinturbo Registered User

    Are you bringing any to Salem?
  9. Mike Licht

    Mike Licht Registered User Staff Member

    Not sure if we are coming yet. Moving this weekend to our new shop and trying to get the new car together. Goal is to bring the new car there
  10. Sixgun86gn

    Sixgun86gn Registered User

    Any news about the cranks yet?
  11. Sixgun86gn

    Sixgun86gn Registered User

    Mike i know you may be busy,but a quick update would be nice.I did pay for a crank way back in may and I would like to know at least something,please.

    I understand products get held up all the time,I bought a TA block and waited a year and a half,so patience is not a problem.

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