2011 BPG Event Pricing

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    We have taken some time to adjust pricing based on feed back from members and non members and have come up with a new pricing structure for 2011. We have adjusted the pricing and are offering discounts for weekend passes.

    2011 Friday
    $20 spectator member
    $25 spectator non-member
    $40 racing before 6PM all makes/models
    $20 racing after 6PM all makes/models

    2011 Saturday
    $20 spectator member
    $25 spectator non-member
    $40 member show
    $50 non-member show (Buick only)
    $40 member race
    $50 non-member race (all makes/models T&T only)

    2011 Sunday
    $20 spectator member
    $25 spectator non-member
    $40 member race BUICK ONLY
    $50 non-member race BUICK ONLY

    Discount on spectator pricing
    $45 member 3-day pass (save $15)
    $60 non-member 3-day pass (save $15)

    Discount on spectator/show pricing
    $65 member 3-day pass (save $15)

    Pre Registration allowed for members only to be posted in the members section

    Refunds in the event of a track rain-out only...

    Unused tickets can be rolled over to next year with a BPG members signature prior to the end of Event.

    Tickets can be upgraded from spectator to race or show

    All other ticket issues will be addressed on a case by case basis
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    Good to know thanks!

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