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Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by Chuck Leeper, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Chuck Leeper

    Chuck Leeper New Member

    going on over at
    Getting a bullshit popup saying I have to turn off my ad blocker, in order to get on the site.:mad:
    I've tried various ad block on/off scenarios..No workie.
    Then, the site went down for the evening, last nite. It's back up, but same shit!
    NE1 have Shane's email addy?
  2. rmar

    rmar Registered User

    They blocking the blocker for ad revenue
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  3. aminga

    aminga Head Peter Puffer

    I haven't turned mine off
  4. spoolfool2

    spoolfool2 Best Damn Bumper Fillers Bar None!

    Lee was having problems too. I haven't turned mine off. Works fine.
    Might just be an "Old fart" blocker. :p
  5. Chuck Leeper

    Chuck Leeper New Member

    NOW, the current bullshit is backup codes...:mad:
    I used the ones I had printed out, when they started to 30 day crap.
    You are told to use an "alternate method": Ask for an email to be sent to you w/ a 1 time code. Even that shit won't work.
    I'm on several other forums, and not 1 pulls the shit that's going on there. No wonder it's membership is in the toilet.

    I'm done. Rant off.:rolleyes:

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