Discussion in '"The Sandbox"' started by aminga, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. aminga Head Peter Puffer

  2. JOHNDEEREGN Administrator

    I have developed a keen fascination for polka :D
  3. aminga Head Peter Puffer

    It is a fascinating art form isn't it.
  4. JOHNDEEREGN Administrator

    I am gonna get a book on cd how to polka for dummies.
  5. dr_frankenstein Active Member

  6. JOHNDEEREGN Administrator

    and I had to marry a "good girl" what was I thinking?:eek:
  7. spoolfool2 I GIVE FREE HEAD

    And to think that I wasted my youth listening to rock and roll. :eek:

    Is this what pops up when you Google "Polka"?:D
  8. rmar Registered User

    Polka eye out.....
    That one had nips under her armpits....that doc needs to borrow Charlie's glasses.
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  9. dr_frankenstein Active Member

    Do you think boobs were created for our happiness or our destruction?
  10. rmar Registered User

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  11. JOHNDEEREGN Administrator

  12. aminga Head Peter Puffer

    It's world peace

  13. Cory Zimpel Active Member

    Not big on polka, but I LOVE BOOBIES!:D I'll be back in a couple minutes...:rolleyes:
  14. charlief1 Registered User

    Just make sure to sanitize your screen so your "loved ones" don't catch something.:eek::p:D
  15. Cory Zimpel Active Member

    From experience Charlie!
  16. JOHNDEEREGN Administrator

    Nobody Greases his pig better than Charlie. Hell he even has to beat his lizard with his left hand when he wants to have a new date:eek:
  17. charlief1 Registered User

    And after that is there any question about Ty and his used condom thread?:rolleyes:
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  18. Cory Zimpel Active Member

    Charlie told me if you sit on one hand long enough for it to fall asleep if feels like someone else is doing it.
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  19. aminga Head Peter Puffer

    Ah "The Stranger"
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  20. JOHNDEEREGN Administrator

    Heading to Illinois today boys, see ya tonight.

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