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Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Kurt24, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Kurt24

    Kurt24 New Member

    Signed up a little while ago and just been reading posts.
    I have a 86 GN that I just got last Oct. Just Did a bunch of stuff to it over the winter.
    Added a tinman cold air kit,TT chip,new style MAF and translator,Alky kit,scan master,Walbro pump,fairpark intercooler 3000 stall conv. and a few other parts
  2. Kurt24

    Kurt24 New Member

    when I picked it up

  3. Kurt24

    Kurt24 New Member

  4. Kurt24

    Kurt24 New Member

    how it looks now

  5. Kurt24

    Kurt24 New Member

    moved the boost gauge out of the dash and put it on the pillar with fuel pressure


    and added a volt gauge in the dash
  6. Kurt24

    Kurt24 New Member

    put stock wheels back on with some M/T in the rear and added a 87 grill


  7. Kurt24

    Kurt24 New Member

    Bruce over at Aggressive performance tuned it for 24lbs it also has a TA49 And 009 inj.

    got it to 20lbs so far when a 300ZX wanted to race on Woodward Ave. I wasn't going to go for it since it was the first time out this year with it,But I see he was on slicks and passenger was sitting in the seat with the laptop . So figured since we both hit the turn around at the same time I might as well see what the car does. We both hit it from a 20 roll and jumped 3 cars on him quick and let out. now need to see how it feels at 24lbs, Had 0 knock at 20
  8. spoolfool2

    spoolfool2 Best Damn Bumper Fillers Bar None!

    Nice ride. Welcome to the site. Get that sled to hook and you should be deep in the twelves. Small turbo upgrade and eleven second time slips should be doable. What state do you live in?

    Mike B.
  9. Kurt24

    Kurt24 New Member

    I am in the Detroit area
  10. WarWagon

    WarWagon Registered User

    Well... Welcome! And a very nice looking Buick.
  11. Keith.m

    Keith.m New Member

    nice looking car .....

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